Shows 2015

Nov 20th Railway Club  Vancouver, BC w/ Sons of Daughters

Sep 16th Railway Club Vancouver, BC w/ Planet Pinkish

Sept 12th  Farmfest  Victoria, BC

May 30th Wise Hall Lounge Vancouver, BC w/ Pill Squad

Feb 6th  Wise Hall Vancouver, BC  Geoff Berner Tribute Show


Shows 2014

Lots. not sure where though. Or when, exactly.


Shows 2013

December 21st   The Railway Club, Vancouver, BC

November 30th   The Wise Hall, Vancouver, BC Geoff Berner Vinyl Release Party!

September 20th    The Railway Club, Vancouver, BC

September 14th    FARM FEST Shawnigan Lake, BC

June 22nd    Ironwood Grill (SLED Island) Calgary, AB  *cancelled due to flooding!*

June 21st    CAMP Picnic

June 18th    Railway Club w/ Hank & Lily

June 14th    The Fairview w/ Swank

May 11th    Ladies Army 5 Bike Polo Bike Prom

May 4th    The Fairview


Shows 2012

December 29th The Railway Club w/ The Hathaways and Tongue

December 27th Logans (Victoria BC) Home For The Holdiays Show!

Dec 8th The Kozmik Zoo w/ Carolyn Mark / Kelly Haigh /James Hayden / Dusty Bones / Furnace Maintenance

(my birthday show!!!)

Sept 22nd Outdoor Show & BBQ 1696 Frances in East Vancouver w/ National Shield

Sept 19th at Cafe Deux Soleils w/ National Shield

Sept 18th at The Heritage Grill in New West w/ National Shield

Sept 8th at Farmfest 2012 in Lake Shawnigan w/ Carolyn Mark

Aug 2nd The Railway Club w/ Wagons (Four cute, funny, hot, sweaty Australians, )

June 22nd  Trout Lake Park for CAMP BBQ! 5pm (near south end lot)

June 17th  RIOT Clothing Drive Days

June 7th  The Railway  Music Waste Festival w. Hunting & Anthropology of Love


Shows 2011

June 23rd   Parkside Lounge  New York, NY

June 22  Local 269  New York, NY

June 20   Quai Des Brumes, Montreal, QC

June 19  Elmdale House, Ottawa, ON

June 18   Cameron House, Toronto, ON for NXNE

Jan 25th  Biltmore Cabaret CD Release


Shows 2010

Dec 16th Railway Club, Vancouver, BC

Dec 12th  Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver, BC

Sept 17th Cafe Deux Soleils, Vancouver, BC

July 22nd Falconetti's, Vancouver, BC

May 1st, Fort St Cafe, Victoria, BC

April 16th, Pub 340, Vancouver, BC

February 18th, Falconetti's, Vancouver, BC

January 25th, Railway Club, Vancouver, BC


Shows 2009

December 13, Skinny Magazine Christmas Party, Eldorado, Vancouver, BC

Sept 5th, Cafe Deux Soleils, Vancouver, BC

February 9th, Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver, BC


Shows 2008

December 14th, The Railway, Vancouver, BC

August 23rd, The Palomino, Calgary, AB 'Nothing Ever Happens Here' Release & Tour

August 23rd, The Black Dog (afternoon show), Edmonton, AB 'Nothing Ever Happens Here' Release & Tour

August 21st, The Dirty Jersey, Kamloops, BC 'Nothing Ever Happens Here' Release & Tour

August 13th, Cafe Deux Soleils, Vancouver, BC 'Nothing Ever Happens Here' Release & Tour

June 30th, The Railway Club, Vancouver, BC 'Nothing Ever Happens Here' Release & Tour

April 6th, The Oasis, Vancouver, BC


Shows 2007

December 22nd, The Main, Vancouver, BC


Shows 2005

June 24th, The Candy Bar, Vancouver, BC (with The Feminists and Marc Charron)

May 28th, The Black Dog, Edmonton, AB

May 27th, The Castle Pub, Calgary, AB (with Lindy and Alana Levandowski)

May 19th, The Marine Club, Vancouver (with Leeroy Stagger and Patrick Brealey & The Knives)

April 7th, The Pic Pub, Vancouver (with The Camaromance)

March 3rd, Clinton's, Toronto, ON (as part of Canadian Music Week Festival)

March 2nd, Irene's Pub, Ottawa, ON (with the Lovely Casey Comeau)

March 1st, Cafe Chaos, Montreal, QC (with Mitch L'Affront and Nickel Joe Jackson)

February 27th, Sneaky Dee's, Toronto, ON (with Rock Central Plaza for Wavelength Zine Series)

February 24th, Backstage Lounge, Vancouver, BC (with Tamara Nile and Mother)

February 19th, The Main, Vancouver, BC (Wooly Winter Tour Fundraiser)


Shows 2004

December 18th, Logan's, Victoria, BC (David Chenery & The Lonesome Valley Singers CD Partee)

December 16th, The Piccadilly Pub, Vancouver, BC (Sercret Christmas Show with Kick In The Eye)

October 23rd, Petit Cafe Campus, Montreal, QC (with Cheryl Sim and Amanda Mabro & the Cabaret Band)

October 11th, Montmartre Cafe, Vancouver BC (Thanksgiving Day Crafts Show!)


We'd Better Be Dreaming Release!

September 4th, Broken City, Calgary, AB (superceedeereleaseparty w/ Cape May & The Days of Trains)

August 15th, Railway Club, Vancouver BC (superceedeereleaseparty&buffet)


June1st, Railway Club, Vancouver BC (w/ Keith Rose)

February 13th, The Main, Vancouver, BC (w/ Pete Campbell)

January 28th, The Railway, Vancouver BC (w/ Pleasure Suit & The Regional Hats)


Shows 2003

December 20th, The Castle, Calgary, AB (lastCastleshowEVERw/ Field Day & Middleclass)

September 3rd, The Railway, Vancouver BC (w/ Shannon Lyon)


THE BURNETTES plus one 2003 TOUR

Wednesday July 16th, Downstream Bar, Jasper, AB
Thursday July 17th, Seedy’s, Edmonton, AB
(w/Sir Geoff Burner)
Saturday July 19th, Night Gallery Cabaret, Calgary, AB (w/ Falconhawk & Slow Fresh Oil)
Thursday July 24th, Café Ultimate, Regina, AB (w/ Tolan McNeill & Dave Lang)
Saturday July 26th, The Collective, Winnipeg, MB (w/Bloodshot Bill & His Hubcaps)
Thursday July 31st, Big V's, Minneapolis, MN (w/ Anchorhead & Birdy 4)
Sunday August 3rd, The Studio, Guelph, ON (w/ The Unicorns & Rockets Red Glare)
Thursday August 7th, The Black Sheep Inn, Ottawa, ON (w/ Cuff The Duke)
Saturday August 9th, C’est What, Toronto, ON (w/ Beautiful Senseless)
Sunday August 10th, Casa Del Popolo, Montreal, PQ (w/ Kitchens & Bathrooms)
Wednesday August 13th, The Apollo, Thunder Bay, ON
Thursday August 14th, The Pyramid, Winnipeg, MB (w/ John Ford)
Friday August 15th, Louis’ Deck Party, Saskatoon, SK
Saturday August 16th, The Black Dog, Edmonton, AB

June 7th, the Main, Vancouver BC (w/ Amy Honey)

May 1st, The Sugar Refinery, Vancouver BC (w/ Bossanova)

April 23rd, Malarkey’s, Vancouver BC


Shows 2002

December 28th, Logans, Victoria, BC (w/ Dave Lang & Antler)

December 27th, The Main, Vancouver BC (w/ Dave Lang & Antler)

December 21st, The Night Gallery, Calgary, AB (w/ Field Day & The Daggers)

October18th,TheNightGallery, Calgary,AB(w/ Tannys Nixxi)


Album Schmalbum Release!

September 29th, La Salla Rossa, Montreal QC (w/ Bob Wiseman & Martha Wainwright for POP Montreal)

September 26th, Barfly, Montreal QC (w/ The Carnations for POP Montreal)

September 7th, The Castle, Calgary AB (w/ Carolyn Mark)

September 6th, The Rev, Edmonton AB (w/ Tannys Nixxi & Carolyn Mark)

July 10th, Ship & Anchor, Calgary AB (w/ Carolyn Mark)


Go-Rock Records Launch!
May 11th, The Castle, Calgary AB (w/ Middleclass & Furnace Maintenance)