Our new record' Entitled' was released September 13th 2017!

Live stream it or download by donation HERE!

Track Listing:

1. Robins

2. textmessagejunkie:(

3. I'm Sorry

4. Demon In Your Hair (I'm the...)

5. Bicycle

6. Latency

7. Magnetic Hill

8. No Rest

9. Public Relations (Geoff Berner cover)


Nine songs with a little help from our friends:

Cora Burnette: vocals, guitar
Chris Burnette: vocals, guitar, bass
Kelly Hood: backing vocals, & banjo on 'bicycle'
Tom Tischer: drums, back vocals
Paul Rigby: pedal steel on 'Robins'
Jack Garton: trumpet on 'I'm Sorry' & 'Public Relations'
Eric Lowe: drums on 'Demon in Your Hair (I'm the...)
Matt Burnette: keyboard on 'Magnetic Hill'
Sasha Burnette & Riley Purda: background vocals on 'I'm Sorry'  



Nothing booked at the moment....stand by!