Who Are The Burnettes?

"For a couple of decades or more, Vancouver's The Burnettes have done their best to not be noticed while making some of the most informed and poetic misty indie rock music..." -Beatroute Magazine 2011.

Husband and wife duo, Chris and Cora Burnette, have been leading The Burnettes through dimly lit bars for over a decade now. Employing an effortless haze of guitars, banjos and serrated vocals, the five-piece are roots-rock’s answer to the slacker-rock movement.

Their fifth album in the works, they have joined forces with multi-instrumentalist Kelly Hood, bassist Craig Nasen, and drummer Tom Tischer (National Shield, The Pernell Reichert Band).


Cora Burnette : vocals/guitar

Chris Burnette (Furnace Maintenance, BOSD) : guitar/vocals

Kelly Hood: bass

Special Studio Pals:

Kelly Hood - vocals/banjo

Carolyn Mark - vocals/piano

Alison Jenkins - accordion

Geoff Berner - accordion

Marta Jaciubek-McKeever - piano

Jack Garton - trumpet

Paul Rigby - Pedal Steel

ALUMNI: Chris Smith, Jay Kreway, Tanya Gordon, Kreg Mung, Heather Campbell, Michael Bray, Kate Main, Eric Lowe, Cara Felde, Tom Tischer